The Southeast Climate Consortium (SECC) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-institutional, multi-state team conducting diverse activities to engage stakeholders and provide timely, relevant and reliable products and information to help manage their climate-related risks.

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The mission of the SECC is to improve climate risk management through advances in education, information technology, outreach, and decision-support:

  • To improve the understanding of decision contexts for using climate variability and change information within water, land and coastal systems by considering their integrated linkages.
  • To develop actionable knowledge for decision support through interdisciplinary research in close collaboration with stakeholders and policy makers.
  • To maintain diverse and flexible networks of scientists, including leveraging existing organizations such as Extension and stakeholder groups in the SE US.
  • To explore the role of innovative science-practice networks as incubators for the collaborative development of tools and adaptation options that enhance the use of climate science in decision-making.
  • To experiment with new approaches for connecting science, science-outreach and science-stakeholder interactions by exploring and expanding established communication pathways and new social media.